A global player in the LNG/natural gas business and environmental business

Business fields

  • Development of liquefied natural gas (LNG)/natural gas projects
  • Trading and marketing of LNG/natural gas

A long history, A bright future (1:37)

LNG is a global business for Mitsui & Co. With more new projects and a growing value chain, our energy division is building a brighter future for the people everywhere.

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Major activities

Securing LNG/natural gas for growing global demand

LNG/natural gas is the core business of the Energy Business Unit II. Due to the increasing need for environmentally friendly energy, demand for LNG/natural gas (a clean energy source with low greenhouse gas emissions) is increasing worldwide. We expect that the LNG/natural gas industry will continue to play a major role in the global energy sector on a long-term basis.

Since participating in the Abu Dhabi LNG project in the 1970s, we have become widely involved across the entire LNG value chain, from LNG production, to transportation and marketing. We are participating in LNG development projects throughout the world, including Australia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Russia, Indonesia, Equatorial Guinea, and the U.S.A.

Through major projects such as Sakhalin II, which we have been participating in since 1992, we intend to ensure the stable long-term supply of LNG/natural gas while also aiming to further expand our LNG/natural gas business, leveraging our network of relationships with gas-producing countries and project partners. Recent new LNG projects include our investment in the Mozambique Area1 LNG project with large scale natural gas resources, and the Arctic LNG2 project in far north Russia.

Additionally, we began production at the first liquefaction train of the Cameron LNG project. We will now work on construction of facilities to begin the second/third liquefaction trains. We are also carrying out a study on the development of the Browse gas and condensate field off Western Australia. We are strengthening our LNG and natural gas sales capabilities in the global market and working on new value-added methods for commercializing natural gas in addition to conventional LNG.

Key projects

  • Abu Dhabi LNG project (UAE)
  • Western Australia LNG project (Australia)
  • Qatar LNG project (Qatar)
  • Oman LNG project (Oman)
  • Sakhalin II crude oil and natural gas development and production project (Russia)
  • Tangguh LNG project (Indonesia)
  • Equatorial Guinea LNG project (Equatorial Guinea)
  • Cameron LNG project (U.S.A.)
  • Mozambique Area1 LNG project (Mozambique)
  • Browse Natural Gas Development project (Australia)
  • Arctic LNG2 Project (Russia)


  • Sakhalin II Project (01:48)

    Produce oil and gas using off-shore platforms and the pipeline traversing Sakhalin island. Gas is processed into LNG and exported